A quality approach demands integrity and a commitment to the customer. We stand behind our service and if you are not SATISFIED with our service, you let our staff know and we will make it right!

extra services

  • Wash, dry & fold service
  • ​Alterations
  • Wedding gown care: restoration & preservation
  • ​Draperies, Linens & Bedspreads
What is Gold Cup Service?

Shirt Service

We provide services for all of your laundered shirts and blouses. Just let us know your starching preferences, if there is a need for pre-treating cuffs and collars, and YOUR SHIRTS WILL BE HANDLED WITH CARE.

Mt. Brook Cleaners

Friendly to You and Your Clothing!

personal care

We want you to know that we will treat your clothing as if it were our own. Each detail will be duly noted and every piece will receive the quality cleaning you deserve. We will check for missing buttons or spots that need treatment and we will take care of it!  WE WILL REPAIR YOUR BUTTONS AT NO COST.

same day service

If you bring your clothing item to the store before 8:00 am Monday - Friday and let us know, we will have it back to you that evening!SAME DAY SERVICE.